Thanks to all our Customers

Our customers are great and they have great things to say!


Regarding PV Toolbox

The PV Toolbox app has saved me countless times. It is an invaluable tools that I don’t know what I would do without.

Justin Heinen


Regarding Solar Shades

Pure Genius I write as an ordinary consumer, not an installer. I was trying to calculate whether it is worth my while lopping some trees that shade my PV panels in the winter months. What I thought was going to a very complicated calculation no longer has to tax my brain cells: this does it all! Well done, Comoving!! Worth £10 many times over! Thank you.

Nigel Gould


Regarding Electrical Pro

I use this app literally everyday! It is a great aid to help answer questions in meetings, do quick calculations while in the field as well as assisting in design procedure.

Aaron Johnston