Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your return policy?
The android return policy is what we follow. However, if you truly have an issue with one of our apps we do allow refunds up to 20 days after purchase on the condition that a polite email is sent describing the problem and, if possible, that you allow us to fix the problem before the refund is processed.
Do all of the apps work anywhere around the world?
If you are able to purchase the app on the Google Play store then they will work in your area of the world.
Does Comoving Magnetics make custom apps?
Yes we do. See our Services page for details.
Why doesn’t Comoving Magnetics make free versions with ads for its engineering apps?
We feel that an engineering app with ads would diminish the value of the calculations these apps provide. Although our apps are reasonably priced, they can be used for real life engineering applications base on the NFPA 70 and it may be difficult to take them seriously with an advertisement streaming across the bottom of the screen.
Will Comoving Magnetics make any apps for the iPhone?
We are currently in development for making our app available to iPhone users.We expect that most of our apps will be available to iPhone users by the end of the 2016 year.
Solar Shading
My phone stops prematurely when using the Solar Shading app to map obstructions on the horizon. What am I doing wrong?
It is likely that your phones sensors are noisy. Try using the manual stop or manual tap method. These can be found in the settings menu (Sttings>Horizon Mapping Settings>Horizon Mapping Options).
After I map the horizon I preview the Path Graph, but the shading area looks very “noisy”. Is there a way to fix this?
All phone (even the high end ones) will have this problem from time to time. You can smooth the graph by going to the preview of the Path Graph and selectiong the “Smooth Graph” option from the settings menu.
Is there any way to use weather data for the Output Graph?
We have just released a new version of the Solar Shading app that allows the user to pull weather information using PVWatts. This option is available from the settings menu (Settings>Hours Bar Graph Settings>Use PVWatts Calculations).  If you use PVWatts data to calculate the kWh output be sure to get a PVWatts API key at
I am using the PVWatts calculation method, but when I preview the Output Graph I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?
There are three possible reasons this could be happening:

  1. Have you chosen the correct weather station? You must choose a weather data set that is applicable for your location. For information about the weather data used you can visit the NREL website here.
  2. Do you have an internet connection? The PVWatts data is downloaded online at run time so you need to be connected to the internet to get the information.
  3. Did you obtain a PVWatts API key? The app comes with a default API key, however, there are only so many inquiries in one day that this key can be used for. If you use PVWatts data to calculate the kWh output be sure to get a PVWatts API key at
Why does it take so long to process the data?
The calculation process for the data collected by this app is very intensive. When you are collecting the data during the mapping process your phone can collect thousands of data points. Each point collected needs to be compared against where the sun is and if the panels are shaded for every minute, of every day, of the year. Basically, the longer you take to map the horizon the more points your phone will record and the longer it will take to process the data.
What can I do to speed up the calculations?
Check out the “Tips and Tricks” section at the bottom of the Solar Shading page. There are several suggestions to speed up the calculation process.
Electrical Pro
What version of the National Electric Code (NEC) is used for the calculations?
The app allows for the user to select either 2008, 2011 and 2014 NEC calculations.
Voltage Drop Pro
Why does this app sometimes calculate a wire size that is not compliant with NEC 310.15?
The Voltage Drop Pro app does not size wire for ampacity. Voltage drop and wire ampacity are two separate calculations. If you need an app for to size wire for ampacity please check out Wire Ampacity Pro.