Electrical Single Line

Drafting On The Go

Creating Single Lines On The Fly

Looking to increase productivity? With the Single Line app you can develop a single line diagram on site while simultaneously doing fault and voltage drop calculations!

The Single Line app allows the user to create an electrical system. The user can add panels and transformers to the single line by entering the device name and information.

After the single line is created the user can output the following:

1) CAD representation of the single line, fault calculations and voltage drop calculations (AutoCAD 2007 and greater)

2) Image representation of the single line

3) Fault tables in formatted HTML and in Excel (csv) format

4) Voltage drop tables in formatted HTML and in Excel (csv) format

5) Fault Labels per NEC 110.24

There is no limit to the amount of devices you can add to the system and the user has the option to format the CAD, image, HTML and csv files through the settings