Electrical Pro

A collection of all electrical apps

A Compilation Of 7 Sub Apps

Voltage Drop Calcs

  • Percent Drop
  • Minimum Wire
  • Maximum Distance
  • Maximum Amps
VD Icon

Wire Ampacity Calcs

  • Calculate the ampacity of a wire base on the 2008 or 2011/2014 NEC tables
  • Look up the equipment or service ground size needed
  • Look up the residential service size
WA Icon

Available Fault Calcs

  • Faults over a line
  • Faults through a transformer
  • OCD bracing
Fault Icon

Fill Calcs

  • Conduit Fill
  • Maximum amount of wires in a conduit
  • Box Fill
BC Icon

And More!

  • Bury depth (low and medium voltage
  • Transformer calcs (kVA and OCD)
  • Motor (LRS, power factor correction, NEC table look up)